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 [V62][Ganja Trainer] Private Server Hack

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PostSubject: [V62][Ganja Trainer] Private Server Hack   5th July 2009, 16:49

Download Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (Link updated 2015-02-27)

What the trainer looks like:

1. Download Ganja Trainer
2. Rename the private server you play on to: MapleStory
3. Run Ganja Trainer
4. Run MapleStory
5. Log-in to your account
6. Select Character
7. Tick Boxes (will take a couple seconds)

Recommended Hacks:
- Miss Godmode (found in the middle) -- Monsters will miss you A LOT. This only works if the monster attacks you physically, not magically.
- Accuracy Hack (Near the top) -- You will never miss.
- MP Regen Hack (Near the top) -- Regenerate your mana at super speed (while moving, too).
- UA + No Breath (Near the top) -- Unlimited Attacking in one spot (great for mobbers), No Breath to escape situations fast or go to the Cash Shop while being attacked.
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[V62][Ganja Trainer] Private Server Hack
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